Friday, May 1, 2009


The librarians have started hosting the afterschool classes for library members! I have been co-teaching with them for the past two weeks, but they will be teaching classes without me during the school break. The Intro class just explains basic computer handling, battery life, mesh networks, how to start and stop an activity and how to turn the computer off properly (important for preserving battery life). Future classes will focus on internet research and specific Activities on the XO. AND the first round of teacher trainings began last week. All of the teachers at one school are now familiar with the basics, and we'll be doing follow-up trainings as soon as term two begins. Two other schools are signed up and ready as well. Should be a busyTerm Two for technology education!
Biggest struggles so far have been technical. We definitely have one battery that doesn't work a lick and a laptop that has difficulties with its mouse. I think it may be a lemon, but I'm going to read up on OLPC about their thoughts on such issues. I'm hardly a computer guru, so these little things can feel overwhelming. There certainly isn't another XO repairman anywhere in my vicinity, so I'll have to self-study on the wiki! Thank goodness for

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